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I animated RICKY GERVAIS SHOW! sneak peek

2011-01-07 13:53:30 by remyzero

Hey everybody,
I worked (actually still am, next week will be my last week) as an animator on the Second season of the HBO Ricky Gervais Show. It was a blast to work on, and it's a great show. Karl Pilkington will change the way you view the world with his insane ideas. HBO is releasing the first episode in full at the following link that you can check out. I worked on all the even numbered episodes, but every single episode had me cracking up as I was working on it.


The first season was just released on DVD this week. I didn't work on the first season, but I was a fan of it, I got my copy, you can get your own here:

First Season on DVD

I animated RICKY GERVAIS SHOW! sneak peek


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2011-01-07 14:59:03

so you were the dude who animated the ricky gervais show i love your style man :)

remyzero responds:

well it wasn't just me, it's a group of animators, and I only did animation, I didn't actually design or draw anything for it, but THANKS!


2011-01-07 16:04:41

lol i love that show :D you rock for animating it

remyzero responds:

Thanks! I was very excited once I got on board! This season is funnier than the last.


2011-01-07 18:40:55

Have the animators gotten (or will be getting) a chance to meet Karl, Rick, and Steve?

(Updated ) remyzero responds:

I know that Ricky stopped by the very last day of production last season, but I seriously don't know. I keep saying out loud how it'd be great if karl would be in the studio while animating his character, but that'd be great if we did get a chance to meet them.

Nick Cannon stopped by one day...


2011-01-07 21:47:30

How ironic, I can't watch a clip of a show created by a British comedian cos I'm in Britain.

I really need to figure out how to get my animating butt on a telly series.