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NG Animators on Nickelodeon's "BRAINSURGE"

2010-06-26 19:08:22 by remyzero

It's been a while since I've posted here, or really been active. But I always have projects in the back of my mind meant for newgrounds, and from time to time I'll visit the site and see what's new, and what new animations stand out. Anyways, I'm one of the animators on nickelodeon's "Brainsurge", I animated on Season 2 which is currently airing during the weekdays. Everybody on level 1 from last season really stepped up their game on this season, and Level 2 was animated by some of the talented animators that worked on the Ricky Gervais show, as well as Foster's, and Mucha Lucha, and many other flash animated cartoons from the last 10 years. It was an experience that I'll never forget, and keep an eye out for animations that I did, see if yo can guess which ones I worked on!

Another NG animator on Brainsurge is Joe King, so it's nice to see fellow NGers out in the real world. I got my start on Newgrounds by the way, and I'm sad to no longer be as active as before. BUT....

Here are two of my animations from Brainsurge, and see if you can spot which ones I worked on from here on out.

Alien Encounter 05

Bungee Jumping 04

NG Animators on Nickelodeon's "BRAINSURGE"


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2010-06-26 19:50:27

that's pretty cool mang

remyzero responds:



2010-06-26 19:55:36

Sounds cool. Congratulations dude.

remyzero responds:

thanks! I got in because of friends, but when I heard about the slot, I wasn't sure what I thought of it.


2010-06-26 20:19:51

Awesome, I never thought about the people behind animations or these kind of shows.

remyzero responds:

I know what you mean... This is my first time working on a brodcasted animation done in flash.


2010-06-26 20:23:45


remyzero responds:

Plenty of farts in Brainsurge, I 'll tell you that


2010-06-26 20:57:10

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no seriously wear a freakin headband that has newgrounds on it, cause i know they dont let you wear what ever shirt you want

*total sellout mode* <__>

remyzero responds:

hahaha I forgot to mention I hid a NG tank trophy in one of the animations! Thanks! I have the castle crashers set, and the Tankman figure from NG here in my studio!


2010-06-26 21:24:33

No lyin'? That's fucking awesome.

remyzero responds:

Not lying! haha, My name shows up in the credits as an Animator. Ramiro Olmos. my website is


2010-06-27 00:41:37

lmao, here i was thinking brainsurge was a cartoon.

remyzero responds:

hahah not quite, but it has animations in the back. You can compare the first season to this season, and I believe you will see an improvement. It feels good to have been a part of that.


2010-06-27 02:21:07

by NGers I hope you're not reffering to black people...

remyzero responds:

HAHAHAH I thought of that!


2010-06-27 02:32:47


Sounds like a cool gig, way to go hombre! Now come back to NG and play!


2010-06-27 04:21:06

2! 5! 3! 1! 4!!


2010-06-27 13:53:57

Nice animations! Also, where did you hide the NG Tank Trophy?

remyzero responds:

The NG tank is not in any of the animations that have been aired yet, but once that episode comes out, I'll make sure to post it, along with a screenshot.


2010-06-27 20:11:45

That's pretty damn cool. Good job!


2010-06-27 21:58:33

congrats dude, its always cool to hear about animators from NG stepping up their game and representing . Nice of you to look back, and give the nod.


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