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Tweet! Tweet! It's my first time.....

2009-05-20 13:55:00 by remyzero

Tweeter Snake! is my first game release on Newgrounds! I released my first Flash Animations on Newgrounds, so it's only fair, I do the same with my first game. Yes, it is a snake game, but with some added gameplay elements. Based on the addictiveness of Twitter, and many social networking sites, you need to rack up as many friends, or followers, or whatever, as fast as possible, but fame online only lasts so long, there's a clock ticking, and it doesn't countdown in regular time, it's much faster! Anyhow, I had fun programming this, and have other games in mind that I'd like to do. There's a quick lil animation if you lose, planned on having five, but time didn't allow it, so settled with one. So, check out the game and let me know what you think. I'll be posting some sketches on my blog, and a picture of me on CBS during coverage for the Dear Mr. President project that I was a part of with sometime later today on my blog. Maybe I should do that now.

Tweet! Tweet! It's my first time.....


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2009-05-20 14:06:08

Oh that's funny. Though I was kind of thinking when I saw this that you'd play as a snake and eat all the birds.

remyzero responds:

Ha! Didn't even think of that! That's a good idea though.