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my boss makes me wanna....RIP HIS HEART OUT

2009-04-15 13:31:44 by remyzero

This is a lil small project, my boss makes me wanna..., I started with my good friend Josh Mejia, been trying to get him active on newgrounds for a while, he animated this Obama Birds Rock, and did a short for halloween How To Scare a Monster. Everybody has bad days at work, and sometimes your boss just makes you want to punch him in the balls, or break shit and jump out the window. Trying to update it everyday, just short quick animations to lighten up some poor workers' day. Hope you enjoy!

my boss makes me wanna....RIP HIS HEART OUT


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2009-04-15 14:23:23

my boss makes me want to get a raise :3

remyzero responds:

you are talking about salary right? not a raise in your pants perhaps?


2009-04-15 14:39:18

My boss makes me wanna...send my foot up his ass

remyzero responds:

I'll take that as a request


2009-04-15 15:31:27

My boss makes me wanna...I have no boss how should I know?

remyzero responds:

wait till you get one.... you will understand one day


2009-04-15 15:58:41

Nice idea for a project! Hope it works out.

My boss makes me want to run over senior citizens with my car!

remyzero responds:

hahah thanks, that's funny.


2009-04-15 17:14:48

my boss makes me wanna post a challenge to everyone to say what they want to do to their boss.

remyzero responds:

you should try kicking your bosses ass instead.


2009-04-15 17:20:45

My boss makes me wanna... kiss him.Because I AM MY OWN BOSS!!! LOLOLOL.

Not really, I'm just a student.

remyzero responds:

well, umm, that doesn't count.


2009-04-15 17:24:43

My boss makes me wanna... put laxatives in the water cooler

remyzero responds:

Good idea! DO IT!


2009-04-15 17:39:07

My boss makes me wanna shake my fist angrily in the air.

My boss makes me wanna touch myself, cause she's a total tease.

remyzero responds:

I like the second line hahaha


2009-04-15 17:41:22

my boss makes me wanna bend over and smile

Then I'll get that promotion!

remyzero responds:

you are a guy though......


2009-04-15 19:47:13

my boss makes me wanna........ go out with his daughter