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$$NEED a programmer to program and Audio Player for a RECORD COMPANY you might KNOW....$$

2009-03-28 21:20:15 by remyzero

Hey, any programmers that can collaborate with me on this? The project is an MP3 player built in flash .

This is from the client:

"We upload a folder where we want the page to live on our server. Once it's uploaded, we can navigate on the browser to an admin page where you upload an mp3 file, and then name the track. Then you can add another track, and another, etc, til you have the whole tracklisting in place. Sort of like MySpace's music player for bands. And you can always go back to that admin page and either add, delete, or edit the files that are in the player. And you can keep adding tracks, there's no limit.

It would create the player on a standalone page, and also, on another (private) page - generate the code for embedding the player."

Additional from client: when I suggested using an mp3 player using XML to display track names, and generate the playlist.

"Can we make that xml data be entered/edited via a form - so no one has to deal with a local copy of something or use any kind of editing program?"

I will pay you, please contact me with quote PM here on NG is fine, and maybe a link to work you have done. I do a lot of freelance, and great opportunity for someone to make some quick cash, and maybe repeat gigs here and there. Like I said, this is for a record company, or label, whatever, and has some cool artists on there.


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2009-03-29 14:09:29


tell them i referred you

remyzero responds:

Yeah thanks, problem is that I was trying take this project and make some extra cash for myself and another newgroundser. Plus project is not for my company, I was called to see if I could do it.