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Chun-Li SeXXX Tape??

2009-01-29 13:08:40 by remyzero

Yeah I was thinking of doing a "Chun-Li Sex Tape" for the NG Street Fighter II Collab, but scrapped that idea right away. Instead I came up with a classic Ryu vs. Sagat fight. I'll be posting character sketches and such on my blog regularly and screenshots as soon as I get to start animating it. I need to squeeze in some time between other projects I'm currently working on. Here is one of the sketches from my sketchbook of the fight. <br>
<img src =" w/SYFadZfzbkI/AAAAAAAAADo/tKOAuBRwmlM/
If anybody wants me to add a link to their blog on my blog, just send me the link to your blog and I'll add it, I'd like to have a section of blogs from NG users.
And this here is for shits and giggles, my dog spencer doing a lil spin everytime he hears his name.

/* */
My new years resolution is to be nominated for A Tank Award next YEAR!


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2009-01-29 13:10:30

Dammit, the image didn't embed! link to my blog is /


2009-01-29 13:50:35

Aww man.

remyzero responds:

wha? my dog?


2009-01-29 15:53:41

I think you should do a Chun Li sex tape


2009-01-29 16:38:08

Everyone does


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