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Axe Cop Halloween!

2012-10-29 12:54:29 by remyzero

I recently had the awesome opportunity to work on this kick ass Axe Cop halloween short! Check it out!

Blame the Plumber

2012-10-11 06:51:33 by remyzero

Man, I haven't uploaded anything to Newgrounds in years! Maybe I'm past the age to be on Newgrounds? I don't even know what's cool anymore! Anyway, here is something I got paid to work on. It's an Obama animation. Enjoy!

Changed my name to RAMBOT

2012-02-08 21:05:27 by remyzero

HELLO EVERYBODY! Wow, this redesign got me a bit lost, haven't been as active lately. I've moved onto animating professionally, but I got my start right here on NEWGROUNDS! Anyhow, I got some news: Tired of showing up at places and finding you are wearing the same shirt as friend or a stranger? Well, it's time to update your closet! I'm now selling T-Shirts, and stuff. I'll be updating new designs at least once a month, since there's really no demand for them yet, you should be safe for a while now. come on over, and buy some of my shirts. THANKS!

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Hey everybody,
I worked (actually still am, next week will be my last week) as an animator on the Second season of the HBO Ricky Gervais Show. It was a blast to work on, and it's a great show. Karl Pilkington will change the way you view the world with his insane ideas. HBO is releasing the first episode in full at the following link that you can check out. I worked on all the even numbered episodes, but every single episode had me cracking up as I was working on it.


The first season was just released on DVD this week. I didn't work on the first season, but I was a fan of it, I got my copy, you can get your own here:

First Season on DVD

I animated RICKY GERVAIS SHOW! sneak peek

It's been a while since I've posted here, or really been active. But I always have projects in the back of my mind meant for newgrounds, and from time to time I'll visit the site and see what's new, and what new animations stand out. Anyways, I'm one of the animators on nickelodeon's "Brainsurge", I animated on Season 2 which is currently airing during the weekdays. Everybody on level 1 from last season really stepped up their game on this season, and Level 2 was animated by some of the talented animators that worked on the Ricky Gervais show, as well as Foster's, and Mucha Lucha, and many other flash animated cartoons from the last 10 years. It was an experience that I'll never forget, and keep an eye out for animations that I did, see if yo can guess which ones I worked on!

Another NG animator on Brainsurge is Joe King, so it's nice to see fellow NGers out in the real world. I got my start on Newgrounds by the way, and I'm sad to no longer be as active as before. BUT....

Here are two of my animations from Brainsurge, and see if you can spot which ones I worked on from here on out.

Alien Encounter 05

Bungee Jumping 04

NG Animators on Nickelodeon's "BRAINSURGE"

Tweeter Snake! is my first game release on Newgrounds! I released my first Flash Animations on Newgrounds, so it's only fair, I do the same with my first game. Yes, it is a snake game, but with some added gameplay elements. Based on the addictiveness of Twitter, and many social networking sites, you need to rack up as many friends, or followers, or whatever, as fast as possible, but fame online only lasts so long, there's a clock ticking, and it doesn't countdown in regular time, it's much faster! Anyhow, I had fun programming this, and have other games in mind that I'd like to do. There's a quick lil animation if you lose, planned on having five, but time didn't allow it, so settled with one. So, check out the game and let me know what you think. I'll be posting some sketches on my blog, and a picture of me on CBS during coverage for the Dear Mr. President project that I was a part of with sometime later today on my blog. Maybe I should do that now.

Tweet! Tweet! It's my first time.....

This is a lil small project, my boss makes me wanna..., I started with my good friend Josh Mejia, been trying to get him active on newgrounds for a while, he animated this Obama Birds Rock, and did a short for halloween How To Scare a Monster. Everybody has bad days at work, and sometimes your boss just makes you want to punch him in the balls, or break shit and jump out the window. Trying to update it everyday, just short quick animations to lighten up some poor workers' day. Hope you enjoy!

my boss makes me wanna....RIP HIS HEART OUT

Hey, any programmers that can collaborate with me on this? The project is an MP3 player built in flash .

This is from the client:

"We upload a folder where we want the page to live on our server. Once it's uploaded, we can navigate on the browser to an admin page where you upload an mp3 file, and then name the track. Then you can add another track, and another, etc, til you have the whole tracklisting in place. Sort of like MySpace's music player for bands. And you can always go back to that admin page and either add, delete, or edit the files that are in the player. And you can keep adding tracks, there's no limit.

It would create the player on a standalone page, and also, on another (private) page - generate the code for embedding the player."

Additional from client: when I suggested using an mp3 player using XML to display track names, and generate the playlist.

"Can we make that xml data be entered/edited via a form - so no one has to deal with a local copy of something or use any kind of editing program?"

I will pay you, please contact me with quote PM here on NG is fine, and maybe a link to work you have done. I do a lot of freelance, and great opportunity for someone to make some quick cash, and maybe repeat gigs here and there. Like I said, this is for a record company, or label, whatever, and has some cool artists on there.

So I've posted new sketches over at my BLOG. My News post yesterday was a waste, the image I wanted to post didn't show up, and the video of my dog also didn't show up since the site has been down for maintenance since yesterday. Anyhow I have more sketches, and will be posting artwork regularly on my blog from now on. Hopefully I can begin animating tomorrow morning, and during most of the day.

Street Fighter II NG Collab Sketches Part Dos

Chun-Li SeXXX Tape??

2009-01-29 13:08:40 by remyzero

Yeah I was thinking of doing a "Chun-Li Sex Tape" for the NG Street Fighter II Collab, but scrapped that idea right away. Instead I came up with a classic Ryu vs. Sagat fight. I'll be posting character sketches and such on my blog regularly and screenshots as soon as I get to start animating it. I need to squeeze in some time between other projects I'm currently working on. Here is one of the sketches from my sketchbook of the fight. <br>
<img src =" w/SYFadZfzbkI/AAAAAAAAADo/tKOAuBRwmlM/
If anybody wants me to add a link to their blog on my blog, just send me the link to your blog and I'll add it, I'd like to have a section of blogs from NG users.
And this here is for shits and giggles, my dog spencer doing a lil spin everytime he hears his name.

/* */
My new years resolution is to be nominated for A Tank Award next YEAR!